Puesto Restaurant | San Diego |

Located in the Yuppie high rise area of downtown San Diego near the Midway Aircraft Carrier. Puesto might be one of the 5 best Taco stops in San Diego. But,be warned, bring your wallet because it might also be the most expensive taco stop in San Diego. A very trendy, hip, cool, place with music

Carnevino | Las Vegas |

Mario Batali’s Carnevino in Las Vegas is a beautiful restaurant. Located inside The Palazzo near the Grand Canal Shoppes right off the main gambling floor. Its biggest feature is the millions spent on the interior. The carved bull in the main dining room alone is a work of art. Along the walls are glass cases

Best Restaurant in Ensenada, Mexico |

Manzanilla is the best restaurant that we have been to this year in fact it might be one of the top 3 we have ever been to. If you did not know where Manzanilla was you would never find it. Near the downtown tourist zone not far from the cruise ships down a side entrance

Best Taco’s in California. |

Tacos El Gordo…. Yesterday we visited the best Taco Stop in California, by chance, on a quick trip to San Diego and back we stopped by a Taco Shop that we have heard of, from several Travelers as being the best in California… I am not one who readily agrees with other opinions, but, in this case