Best Dive Bar in Ensenada, Mexico

Located in the downtown party bar area. Been here for over a hundred years. Where locals and tourist meet. Unique, expensive beer, Mariachi’s and excellent Margarita’s.  

La Colombe Frogtown | Los Angeles,CA. | Coffeepuss

2828 Newell St Suite 4. Los Angeles, CA 90039 I Like Todd Carmichael, ever since I became addicted to his TV show Dangerous Grounds years ago. What lengths this man went to and where he went to get the planets best coffee is amazing. To this day I still watch the now canceled show reruns religiously

Tonyan Coffee | Apple Valley, CA | Coffeepuss.com

Tonyan  Coffee located in the middle of the High Desert above Los Angeles in a strip mall in no where Apple Valley is probably one of the best coffee shop finds in L.A. In the High Desert the people are independent, spirited, and yet easy going and so is there Coffee. Fairly priced…Good service..Small. This

Klatch Coffee | Rancho Cucamonga, CA |Coffeepuss.com

Located in a strip mall on a crowded blvd. going to the airport. Klatch Coffee is good coffee, delivered by friendly people. They say their coffee is top 1% of the best. There Coffee is very good but, the best I don’t know… There blends are good. Well formulated from mild to bold. I think

Cafe Moto | San Diego | Coffeepuss.com

Café Moto in San Diego on a side street just of the 5 Freeway in lower San Diego’s Logan area is a bustling Coffee shop, Roaster, Store, Supplier and by far the best coffee in the area.  There all in one shop provides some surprising choices from Blue Sky dark Roast to Organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Best Coffee in Rosario, Mexico | Coffeepuss.com

  Spazio.….Located a couple blocks under The Famous Rosarito Beach Hotel on the main drag is a small coffee shop which is easy to miss and has some quirky attributes. Number one it opens early which in Mexico is a rarity, its Modern like something you would find in Downtown L.A., something like skateboard meets underground